Obsession with words

Obsession with words

I love to read and reading helps me to escape. I'm a book addict and currently fighting back the urge to buy ALL THE BOOKS!

Happy 2018!



I had a great new years eve - NOT!  I got so sick and was stuck in the bathroom and I don´t even drink.  My son has been sick with a stomach bug and I guess I got it.  He works at Walmart so he gets everything.  I really hope I am not sick as long as he has been.  


I really wanted to get my total reads up to 80 so I had a stack in my room to read but I didn´t get very far with all the toilet runs (pun intended).  


My goal for this year is pretty simple.  I am going to continue what I was doing last year and beat my book total of 75. In 2017 I started working on reading books I already had and passing them on to make room for the books I have on my shelves.  I made pretty good progress but I also acquired some more books and won a couple giveaways.  In December I did cull a bunch of books to donate so that helps some.  This year I am going read at least 40 physical books I already had at the start of the year and pass them on.


I hope everyone has a great new year and many new exciting things happen.  I hope the bad things are few a far between and don´t slow us down too much.  



Celtic New Year



RIP Sue Grafton

The Silver Suitcase - Terrie Todd Wetle
Had they really buried Gram yesterday? And now life was supposed to return to normal, with breakfasts and laundry and grandmothers with grandchildren.
You know what I meant to say...

I just had the most confusing conversation with my son.  Have you ever said something but it didn´t come out exactly like what you were thinking?  I bought both of my son´s robes for Christmas and stuck hooks on the back of their bedroom doors and the bathroom door.  My goal is to stop streaking in public spaces.  That is mainly an issue with my younger son though.  He sleeps in the buff and sleep walks.  So when I can´t sleep and I´m sitting on the couch at 2 am knitting or reading I sometimes see shocking things.  We have had a convo about this though so hopefully it won´t happen again.  uh hem.  So, I was talking to the older son and told him to get his new robe and hang it on his closet door.  I have no idea why said ¨closet door¨ since I meant his bedroom door where I placed the hook.  He thought I said to hang it on the closet door knob and he gets really serious thinking about that.  He said, I don´t think I´ll hang it on the closet door knob because it is long and it will be on the floor.  I, not realizing I misspoke got frustrated because he wasn´t going to do what I wanted.  My hackles went up and I started to insist he hang the robe up.  His eyebrows are knitted together and his nose is twisted into a corkscrew.  He finally holds up his hand hip high and says, ¨my closet door knob is this high off the ground and my robe is this long (he holds his hand up to his neck). 


Oh..........  yeah, that isn´t what I meant.  I have no idea why I was saying closet door.  There are new hooks on the back of their bedroom doors at the right height to hang their new robes.  Now, there shall be no more full moons in the hall.  I guess I better tell my husband that too.  

16 Festive Tasks Tracking Post



Point total: 20




I´m using these icons to mark my card in pickmonkey.  The book for the books obviously and the T for tasks.  They are at the bottom of the post.


  1. Holidays ///  Completed Books or Tasks


Square 1 Task 1 / Book 1 / Book 2 / Task 2

Square 2 Book 1 / Task 1 / Task 2 / Book 2 (Updated 12/14)

Square 3 Book 1 / Task 1 / Book 2 / Task 2  (Updated 12/23)

Square 4 Book 1 / Task 1 / Book 2 / Task 2 & Bonus Task

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Square 13 Book (Color of Magic by T Pratchett)

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Tasks for Bodhi Day


Tasks for Bodhi Day:  Perform a random act of kindness.  Feed the birds, adopt a pet, hold the door open for someone with a smile, or stop to pet a dog (that you know to be friendly); cull your books and donate them to a charity, etc. (And, in a complete break with the Buddha’s teachings, tell us about it.)  –OR–

Post a picture of your pet, your garden, or your favourite, most peaceful place in the world.


Okay, I did this a few days ago.  I make blankets and things to donate to the hospital/ER.  They always have people come in there with sick children but no warm clothes for them.  I crochet, knit or sew blankets, hats and other warm stuff.  I just sent over enough children´s blankets and hats to fill two kitchen trash bags.  


I used to run a Project Linus Chapter here but I couldn´t keep up with my health problems and didn´t have enough volunteers to keep up with their quota.  I´ve had several years off from that now and I miss it but no one would take over the Chapter so there isn´t one here.  I just decided to do my own thing.  I have a whole bunch of fleece still that I bought to make Project Linus blankets but now I´m going to make blankets for all ages and send them anonymously.  I can also make whatever I want and how I want since I no longer have all the rules to follow.  I can make lap blankets for the people in the nursing home, tiny blankets and hats for the NICU and whatever is needed at the ER.  I made up an anonymous email address and had a stamp made so the nurses can send me requests.  They know better than anyone what is needed.  I am using the name of a fairy godmother on the email addy.  I just have to be sneaky so they don´t figure out who I am.  I love being sneaky.  


I also got a smaller tree this year so it won´t be so hard for me to decorate it. I cut my decorations in half and donated 2 large boxes full.  They are coming back on Tuesday for used clothing, toys and household items.  I´m going through my garage.  I can´t believe I still had toys in my garage from when my kids were really little.  I had a ton of those large lego blocks for toddlers.  I´m also donating a huge box of books that were in decent shape.  


I wanted to post a picture of my doggie but he´s too fast and they were all blurry or he gets too close and I can´t get a picture.  Maybe I´ll get one later when he´s sleeping.


Okay, stand back.  In 3 seconds this post will self destruct.  Don´t tell my secrets or I´ll have to kill you.



Advent Bonus Task


Bonus task:  make your own advent calendar and post it.


Funny poem for St. Nicholas


Tasks for Sinterklaas / St. Martin’s Day / Krampusnacht: Write a witty or humorous poem to St. Nicholas


Dear ol´ St. Nick,

Do you want me to scratch an itch?

I´ll do anything to get

Everything on my wishlist.


Just head over to Amazon and you will see

Everything I sincerely need

and desperately want

so you can order with ease


It isn´t really all that much

You could do it easily

Just click add to cart 

and have it mailed direct to me.


Amazon is great

You don´t have to worry about tipping

You can even save money 

with Amazon Prime Shipping!


I´ve been good, as I´m sure you know.

I made your favorite cookies 

and even got some whiskey to warm your toes

Just please be careful and watch where your sleigh goes


Tell Rudolph he has to be your DD

But he will get his reward

I made him a batch of reindeer brownies

with enough Viagra to keep him going for a week.

Next year all the Reindeer will be calling him Daddy!



Task for Advent

Tasks for Advent: Post a pic of your advent calendar. (Festive cat, dog, hamster or other suitable pet background expressly encouraged.) –OR–

Tell us: What in the immediate or near future are you most looking forward to?  (This can be a book release, or a tech gadget, or an event … whatever you next expect to make you really happy.)


In early January my husband and I are going on a trip to California.  We are going to visit his mom near Sacramento.  I´m limited in what I can do but so is my mother in law.  She also has Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain.  My husband will meet up with a friend and then they are going to Vegas.  I´ll stay with my mother in law and do some fun things there.  I am sure she will want to go play some slots there in Cali.  I would rather go shopping but we will do that too.  We don´t have many stores here where I live and I hate running into someone else wearing the same outfit so I don´t want to shop here.  I also want to go to some cemeteries there where family is buried so I can take pictures and get info for my genealogy research.  I know, so exciting, but that´s my thing.  Maybe I´ll see a zombie there.  At least I know I will be able to stop and rest when I need to because my mother in law understands and will need to rest too.  Mostly, I am looking forward to seeing beautiful trees, flowers and NO SNOW.  Hopefully, I will be able to find a postcard there for my postcard collection.  I´ll have to mail it to myself to get it properly marked and traveled.  


Thanksgiving Day Tasks


Tasks for Thanksgiving Day: List of 5 things you’re grateful for –OR–

Post a picture of your thanksgiving feast; or your favourite turkey-day recipe.  –OR–

Be thankful for yourself and treat yourself to a new book and post a picture of it.

Bonus task:  share your most hilarious turkey-day memory.


  1. I am thankful for:
  2. My wonderful family
  3. Friends
  4. A wonderful home
  5. My dog
  6. My books


Bonus Task: My most hilarious turkey-day memory.

I remember this one Thanksgiving when I was a kid where my sister called and told my mom about cooking turkey´s in a brown paper bag.  My sister is always trying to get people to try recipes.  The problem is my mom isn´t the best cook.  She usually cooked everything the same way, rolled in flour, salt, and pepper and then fried on the stove top.  Things were usually a degree of burnt which we were used to and learned to like.  So my sister talked my mom into trying this bag thing which might have worked out better if my mom had the full written out recipe instead of just the bits my sister told her.  I remember when my mom took the turkey out and sat it on the table.  It was very dark and several sizes smaller than it was originally (like the Grinch´s heart).  My mom took a knife and tried to cut it and it sounded like she was sawing on plastic.  Then she pushed a little harder and the top layer broke and inside it was hallow.  You could see rib bones laying in a dark turkey cave that we were shedding light on.  It is funny now but at the time my brother and I were scared to make a sound.  My mom was devastated but we knew my dad was going to erupt and complain about the wasted money.  I can still see my little brothers face and I´m sure mine looked the same.  


So does this count as 2 points?


My Turning Point(s)


Tasks for Penance Day: Tell us – what has recently made you stop in your tracks and think?  What was a big turning point in your life? 


I had two major turning points in my life recently.  The first was the most significant for this. It was when I got fired from my job as a loan processor at a local bank.  The reason for the firing is a long story and I´m not going into that here but I was so shocked and hurt and thought my life was over.  Then I spent a lot of time thinking and remembered a personality test I took for a college class.  It said I would be good in a medical field.  I went to the hospital and talked to someone in HR.  I told them I wanted to work there but before I decided on what classes to take I wanted to volunteer in different areas to see where I wanted to work and what specific job I wanted to do.  They set me up to volunteer in different areas on different days and also gave me some recommendations based on what types of techs or nurses they hire and which they don´t hire or where those positions would be available for jobs ie nursing home vs main hospital area.  I decided to get a CNA certification to start and take the 1 month class where the whole semester long class is crammed into one month with full 8 hour classes 5 days a week and some Saturdays.  It was a lot of work but I did it.  The HR person I talked to was kept in the loop as to how I was doing and put in a good word for me to different departments.  My references ended up being other hospital staff or volunteers I had worked with when I volunteered.  The HR person was able to set me up with 2 job interviews before I even had my certificate in hand which is usually not allowed.  I was hired 10 days after my class ended.  I LOVED that job and it was so much better for me than the other job I was fired from.  If I hadn´t been fired I would have never had that wonderful experience working at the hospital.  


My 2nd turning point was when I started having pain.  I ended up only working as a CNA for 3 years and then had to quit.  Now I am on disability but I will never forget that 3 years I worked at the hospital.  Now when I look back I realized my time working at that bank was wasted time.  It was like I was just spinning my wheels and not really learning anything to advance myself.  I tried so hard and I finally got a promotion but I realized I was doomed to fail and they were just waiting for the right time to move me out.  I started out as a receptionist in that same department and was really good at that job but I didn´t want to do that forever.  Whenever I tried for other jobs in the bank I never got them and then one time they flat out told me I was just too good at my job and it was a hard job to find someone for so they didn´t want me to go somewhere else.  I am so stubborn though that I just kept trying.  I took classes, went to seminars etc. I would ask them, ¨what do I need to do to get this job?¨ I applied for the loan processor job 7 times and got turned down every time but the last time the person who got the job was arrested for felony shoplifting and after that the just gave me the job.  I was so happy until I realized I was only getting a small pay raise and wasn´t even making half of what the other processors were making.  I still dug in my heels and thought I would show them I could do the job and I tried so hard.  They were taking advantage of me though and I was never going to be able to please them and stay sane.  It took me a while to realize that after I got fired but when I did I wrote this poem and posted it in the local newspaper in the poetry section.  I think they changed a word at the end though but the message was still there.  I don´t even care if no one from that place saw it, writing it helped me. 


Thank you,
For not believing in me,
For not giving me the chance
To show what I can be.

Thank you,
For giving me false hope
And for giving me a vision
With such a narrow scope.

Thank you, 
For always letting me down.
Time after time you gave
Counsel to a clown.

Thank you,
For now I know,
There is so much more to life
Beyond this damn plateau.

Thank you,
For now I think I'll do
All the things I would have missed
If I didn't bid to you...





I made a poppy for remembrance for the task for Veterans day but I just realized I already posted a quote for Veterans Day.  I think that is the same task. 


Tasks for Verteran’s Day/Armistice Day: Make, or draw a red poppy and show us a pic of your red poppy or other symbol of remembrance –OR–

Post a quote or a piece of poetry about the ravages of war. 


4 Stars
In Country
In Country - Bobbie Ann Mason

I enjoyed this story even though it was sad to think of this young girl who never knew her father. I have tried to imagine what it was like at war myself but she also wanted to be able to picture what her father experienced. Sam (Samantha) is 17 and she has been asking everyone about Vietnam but no one wants to tell her anything. She gets books from the library but with all the technical language and confusing names she doesn´t learn much and still can´t picture it. She wants to know about Agent Orange and wonders if her uncle Emmett was exposed to it. He has bad pimples on his face and neck and she wants him to see a doctor. She worries he might have cancer from it. He won´t get a job or a girlfriend and Sam wants him to live more. Eventually she learns more about the war and her father but she doesn´t like what she learned. 

Some parts of the book were a bit funny and some where pretty strange, like the dream she had about having a baby. I´m glad I decided to read this even though it is not my usual type of book. I only wish the book told whether Emmett ever did get tested for Agent Orange and the result. Now I´m going to wonder forever.


This is my book for square 3.



Book themes for Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day: Read a book involving veterans of any war, books about WWI or WWII (fiction or non-fiction).  –OR–

Read a book with poppies on the cover.

In Country - Bobbie Ann Mason
She wished desperately that he would call her up. She imagined him driving up now, I came over to play with your breasts, he might say. Now Billy Joel was singing. She thought about how distant and businesslike he was in that video where he wore garage mechanics coveralls. She wished Tom would drive the VW over from his garage. ¨I came to give you this car and while I´m at it I want to hold your beasts again.¨
He said, I ain't got nothing but hard times and bubble gum and I´m fresh out of bubble gum.
In Country - Bobbie Ann Mason

This quote is flawed... but I do tend to overthink things.  Not sure what page because I´m listening to the audio book but it is in Chapter 17.

In Country - Bobbie Ann Mason
That night, Sam dreamed she and Tom Hudson had a baby. In the evening, the baby had to be pureed in a food processor and kept in the freezer. It was the color of candied sweet potatoes. In the morning, when it thawed out, it was a baby again. In the dream, this was a happy arrangement, and no questions were asked. But then the dream woke her up, its horror rushing through her.

Page 83

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