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I love to read and reading helps me to escape. I'm a book addict and currently fighting back the urge to buy ALL THE BOOKS!
shush! I'm reading here.
shush! I'm reading here.

I'm so happy my books came today. I actually got 4 yesterday but the one I was really waiting for came today.  

The Chase (An Isaac Bell Adventure) - Clive Cussler

This was a good mystery with a cowboy type hero although he had no horse. He drove a fast car. I really enjoyed all of the historical details that were woven in with the story. This story has a western feel and is captivating even without cursing and graphic scenes. Once I got half way through the book there was no putting it down until the end. The "chase" scene made you feel like you were on board.

Don't Cry Now

Don't Cry Now - Joy Fielding

It was so hard for me to get into this book because the last couple books I read (different series/author) were so good and this one just wasn't the same level of writing. I've had this book sitting around for so long I was just determined to read it and pass it along. 

The story itself wasn't bad but the main character seemed to do a lot of dumb things. I found this especially irritating given that she is a teacher and supposedly a very good one who cares about her students. Many things that happened in the book were not very realistic to me - like the police looking through the dead woman's room with the supposed prime suspects there too and touching everything. There were parts later on in the book that I liked though. I'm glad I read it but it doesn't make me want to read more by this author.

Nattiness on page 259

Don't Cry Now - Joy Fielding



Am I the only one who didn't know this word? I've never heard it before. I thought it rhymes with ratty so it must be bad but that didn't make sense with the context.  Natty makes me think of how my hair looks when I wake up in the morning after I've tossed and turned all night.


I asked my son when he passed through and he didn't know either. He looked it up.


adjective: natty; comparative adjective: nattier; superlative adjective: nattiest
  1. (especially of a person or an article of clothing) smart and fashionable.
    "a natty blue blazer and designer jeans"
    synonyms: smartstylishfashionabledapperdebonairdashing, spruced up, well dressedchiceleganttrimMore
    antonyms: scruffy


    P.s. I have to finish this book quickly.  The third book in the Shetland Island series by Ann Cleeves in coming soon to a mailbox near me. Once it gets here I won't be able to stick to this one.  

Knife Creek Audiobook
Knife Creek Audiobook

I am so thrilled!  I won this in a giveaway on Goodreads.  When I saw the giveaway I thought, "Wow, it would be great if I won that one." I got the email that I won the very next day.  I was planning to get the book even if I didn't win.  It is the 8th book in the series so I'm looking for the first book now.  I have to read them all!  


Reading progress: 81 out of 400 pages.

Don't Cry Now - Joy Fielding

After reading some really great books it is so hard to go back to reading not-so-great books. I'm stalking the mailman.

— feeling horror

White Nights

White Nights  - Ann Cleeves

New to my bucket list - go to Shetland


In a small community, a strange newcomer shows up at an art exhibit opening. While admiring the art he suddenly becomes very emotional and makes a big scene. He claims he doesn't remember who he is or where he is from. Later, he is found hanging from the rafters of an old fishing hut. It looked like a suicide but the death was determined to be murder. Everyone becomes suspect and Jimmy Perez begins questioning everyone. He himself feels guilty because he talked to the man when he became emotional at the gallery and tried to help him. He didn't go after the man when he took off though and he felt responsible for his death. With the help of Taylor from Inverness, Jimmy is determined to figure out what happened to this man no one knows. 


I loved this book and the chance to learn more about Shetland. I was just as fascinated in learning about the place as I was in the mystery. I googled many details about the place and looked up a lot of terms I didn't know. I even looked up a recipe for oat cakes and can't wait to make some. I was also intrigued to learn about the "midnight sun" or "white nights" which we also have where I live in Alaska. I looked at my son's globe and noticed that Alaska lines up with Shetland between the same two latitude lines close to the north pole so in some ways where I live is similar.


The story was very complicated and I was never sure who was to blame. Ann Cleeves is a master at weaving stories that are so unpredictable. The characters are well built and I felt like I knew them and could visualize their homes and their way of life. Just like with the first book there was a character that seemed the more obvious choice for the killer and I knew it wouldn't be that person BUT Ann would always leave me second guessing myself. As the story progressed I ended up thinking everyone in the book could be guilty at some point. Ann Cleeves has now become a favorite author for me and I've already ordered the next book in the series.



GR reading challenge completed!

— feeling crazy rabbit

I set my goodreads reading challenge goal for 40 books this year. That is higher than previous years but I was taking into consideration that sometimes I have so much pain I can't focus well enough to read. I hate failing to meet a goal, especially when I can't do anything about it. I've been reading more and more the last several years and it seems I've lost interest in playing with yarn. I usually crochet a lot and knit a little. I haven't been interested in that this year at all so I guess that is why I finished that challenge early. 


I didn't start with BookLikes until May so I only set that one for 20.  My older son Jared thinks I should push myself and read 100 books this year.  I wonder if I could make it.

Hollow City

— feeling bad egg
Hollow City - Ransom Riggs

This was a pretty faced paced book. I read through it a lot quicker than the first book but I liked the first one better. This one didn't have the dry humor of the first. I missed that.  


I usually only read realistic fiction (mostly mysteries) so this story is a stretch for me. The hollows sound so scary!  Omg, long slimy tongues covered in suction cups?! I love the dog in the book though and wish I could have him. IThe menagerie cracked me up and that was a nice balance to the scarier parts. I'm afraid of chickens now too. The ending really threw me for a loop though (pun intended).


At the end of the first book, the Peculiar Children rescued Miss Paragrin but she couldn't change back into human form. She had a broken wing and needed care only another ymbryne could give. They had to hurry because the longer she stayed a bird the worse her chances were that she would never be able to become human again. They all set off in boats for the mainland in search of the last ymbryne. They ended up in London where they evaded Hollows and dodged bombs in their search. They found a few other Peculiar Children from other raided loops and Jacob learned more about his talent.  


Reading progress: I've read 43%.

White Nights  - Ann Cleeves

Reading progress: 239 out of 396 pages.

Hollow City - Ransom Riggs
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BookLikes blog themes

A couple of times now I have almost paid for a theme. I wish there was a PayPal option so I don't have to worry about entering my credit card numbers online. I feel so much safer using PayPal but it also easier. With PayPal, my card info has already been entered. I can just click and pay quickly. Otherwise, I have to get up (which is easier said than done for me because of chronic pain), locate my purse and then my wallet and then debate about whether it is safe to enter my card into on this site. So far it hasn't happened. 

The ultimate sadness
The ultimate sadness

Our family is a reading family and both me and my husband are big readers. I started to read to my first son when he was a baby. He was reading at 3 years old and reading Harry Potter on his own soon after that. My younger son was more into music but I was finally able to get him interested in books also.  


I forget that there are families that are not like ours and do not have books in every room of their house and stacks by their beds. I remember one time when my oldest son went to a birthday party when he was still pretty young (Kindergarten I think). When he came home I asked him how the party was. He started sputtering and said wide-eyed, "They don't have any books!" He was shocked. He said they didn't have any books, magazines or newspapers etc. The funniest thing was when he said, "They don't even read cereal boxes!" He must have asked them.  


Reading is a gift and a privilege and parents and teachers should present it that way and not like a chore. Many teachers do but not mine. Of course, I know I'm preaching to the choir here. I digress.   



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"Outside of a dog a book is man’s best friend. Inside a dog it’s too dark to read.
-Groucho Marx"
— feeling haha
"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.
--Mark Twain

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