I have way too many books.  I just organized them last month.  I had books in every room and in stacks on the floor or boxes in the garage.  I wanted to get them all out so I could get to them easier.  It was a huge mess for a while but I finally got them all sorted and most of them shelved.  I ended up getting a few of those wooden crates from the craft store to use as a temporary shelf for some.  I got all of them listed on goodreads.com and I made a shelf called "books I own" so I could know what I had by looking at the app. That helped a lot and now I don't buy duplicates anymore.  I also made shelves that help me know where to find a book.  


Since I've gotten all of my books organized I've been trying to read the books I don't plan to keep so I can make space and get those books on the crates onto my shelves. The problem is I keep seeing books that interest me and getting them.  So far I have acquired more books than I have parted with so I've decided I need to go on a book diet.  


I always do better with diets when I keep track of calories.  I decided to make a plan for losing book weight.  Starting May 1st I'm going to consider myself at zero and then, every time I get a new or used book I'm going to count the weight of the book as a gain. Both Amazon.com and pbs.com tell how much books weigh and I can also use my kitchen scale.  Any book I part with can be listed as a loss in oz/lbs.  Library books and ebooks will not count since they don't take up permanent space.  I will just keep track in a notebook.  


I really think this will give me the incentive I need to get reading and making room for those books needing shelf space.  After that, I can just make sure I only get books when I have room for them.  


Wish me luck!