I have been MIA lately for two very good reasons.  I have been so sick.  The plague went through my house and caught us all, even my very healthy son who never gets sick.  I, of course, got it worst since I take immunosuppressant drugs.  My husband has rebounded and is already out playing golf, healthy boy was only barely sick and just took a nap but my younger son is still sniffling and coughing.  I just keep trying to claw my way to the surface.  


The other reason is the keyboard in my laptop broke, with a little help from me.  First, there were just some keys that didn´t work or I had to really pound on to get to work.  I have replaced this keyboard before and it was pretty easy so I just did it again.  The problem is the connector part broke so several keys don´t work. It was all very frustrating.  Anyway, I decided to order a Spanish keyboard since I´m learning Spanish and want to be able to type the special characters without having to remember where everything is.  I got it last week and I´ve been learning how to use it.


I have some new books to read and I just got an email that I won another giveaway on goodreads so I am ready to get back into reading like usual.  The book I won must have been a giveaway I entered a while back since I haven´t been entering them lately.  I already have 2 to read and one audiobook.  Two of those are later in the series and I always have to start at the beginning and read the books in order.  I´m a little OCD about some things.  The book I just won is the 3rd in a series so I´ll start looking for the first one.  It is funny how the giveaways work.  I´ve seen people write that they have been entering them for years and never won anything.  I´ve only been entering for a few months.  I have to say my favorite author from the books I´ve won so far is Ann Cleeves. I had never heard of her before I won the giveaway for her book and now she is my new favorite author.  


Oh, I wanted to share my new treasure I found on ebay.  The picture is dark. I don´t know why the picture is sideways since it is upright on my computer.  Go figure.  Fixed it!  I also lightened it while I was resizing.