Bad Little Falls - Paul Doiron
This is the best book in the series so far. The story kept me interested all the way through where the first two lost me in the middle a bit. The descriptions are very clear and I could picture myself there, tromping through the woods. Mike Bowditch is a Maine game warden and he has recently been transferred to a more remote area. He feels like he is being punished for the trouble he has gotten into recently. They can´t get rid of him though because he has good instincts and the best arrest record.
Right away he has a rough start when he comes home to find an animal carcass nailed to his front door. Things get even more exciting after he reluctantly goes to the local veterinarian´s home for dinner during a blizzard. He left to head home in the blowing snow only to be called right back by the vet. One of his neighbors had a man come to their door and he was nearly frozen and suffering from hypothermia. They wanted the vet to come see if he could help but he had drank too much during dinner and wanted Bowditch to drive him over there. They ended up learning that the man was not alone and there was someone else out there in a car. Mike goes out in search of the man and finally finds him dead. The dead man turns out to be a local drug dealer and he didn´t die from the cold, he was strangled. Mike is determined to find out what happened out there.