Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie

I enjoyed this little story.  It took me two whole days to read it because the med the doctor gave me knocks me out cold every time I take it - twice a day.  If not for that I would have finished it much faster as it is pretty short.  


This story made me think of a game of clue.  The difference being they were on a train oddly full despite the slow time of year.  The train was stopped because of a snow drift and no one could have left the train.  When Mr. Ratchett is found stabbed to death in his berth Poirot is asked to take on the case and he begins to interview each passenger.  So whodunit?  I was unsure right up to the end.  I was thinking it had to be someone that was staff on the train (cook? Waitstaff? Someone under the bed or in the closet/secret cubbie hole etc, miscellaneous clown)  or I was sure it was going to be the doctor since he was small and dark etc.  I was wrong.  Pretty good book.