Thyme of Death - Susan Wittig Albert

I just can´t get into this.  I guess it just isn´t my cup of tea.  I need something more real and less silly.  I´m almost finished and I just don´t care who did it.  They could all die and I´ll be totally okay with that.


On a more interesting note.... one of my Emerald Barbs (fish) found a little rubber band and is running around with it in his mouth while the other members of the clan (there are 6 total) chase him to try to get it from him.  Sometimes he drops it and another one gets it before it hits the ground but the bully always ends up getting it back.  I wish I could get a good picture or video but it is dark and the pictures are coming out blurry with bad light reflections and stuff.  If they do it again during the day time I´ll try to get a video.  That usually works better than a picture through the glass.