Thyme of Death - Susan Wittig Albert

I really thought I was going to love this book and series. This book is the first book in the series but it is the last one I´m reading. I just couldn´t get into it. It seemed silly to me but I think I have just gotten tired of cozy mysteries and need to read more serious mysteries. This book just had too many details that wouldn´t have happened in real people land. The main one for me was when the paramedics came to check on the lady that called 911 and didn´t speak to the dispatcher. They went rushing into the place and then decided they needed to try to resuscitate her. They had to go back out to their vehicle to get the equipment. They wouldn´t have gone in their without what they needed to save someone´s life. Then, China is walking around crime scenes and no one stops her. She is telling the paramedics and police about her theories about what happened and I´m picturing them all like goofy saying, ¨well okay!¨ I know what it is really like and none of that would have happened.