I feel like all of the squares I don´t have must have been called now... but I think not. I finally have enough called spaces now that I just need to read to get a bingo.  I have a massive headache right now for the dumbest reason. Its been raining for days here and I was letting my dog inside and tried to snatch him up real quick to keep him from running around the house and getting the floor muddy. When I swooped down to pick him up the door bounced back and I got beaned just over my left eyebrow by the door handle.  I saw stars for sure. I thought it would leave a nasty bruise but it didn´t. It is just really sore and puffy and throbbing  BOOM BOOM BOOM.


Spiders: Called

Skulls: Read

Spooky tree: Read but not called

Currently reading: A Scone to Die for by H. Y. Hanna for Darkest London





Calls / Book

Ghosts / The Looking Glass Portrait by Linda Hilton

Cozy Mystery / Thyme of Death by Susan Wittig Albert

In the dark, dark Woods / In the Woods by Tara French

Genre: Horror / Rose Madder by Stephen King

Locked Room Mystery / Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Murder Most Foul / Blue Lightning by Ann Cleeves

Witches / Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Werewolves / Souless by Gail Carriger

Modern Masters of Horror / XXX

Terrifying Women / Houses of Stone by Barbara Michaels

Diverse Voices / A Beautiful Place to Die by Malla Nunn

Haunted Houses / The House Next Door by Ann Rivers Siddens

Raven Square / The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett

Serial/Spree Killer / Rules of Prey by John Sandford

Terror in a small town / The breaker by Minnette Walters

Aliens / XXX

Darkest London / A Scone to Die for by H Y Hanna (reading now)

Gothic / House of Many Shadows by Barbara Michaels

80´s Horror / XXX

Classic Noir / Strangers on a train by Patricia Highsmith

Chilling Children / XXX

Magical Realism / The Watchmaker´s Daughter