The Fleet Street Murders - Charles Finch

I´m giving this book 2.5 stars because it isn´t so bad if you don´t expect it to be very accurate to the time or real life in general. It also finishes up a mystery started in the first book. I decided it was a nice place to stop reading the series since there isn´t anything left dangling that will leave me wondering. 

In this book Lenox is interested in a double murder he read about in the papers. Two journalists were killed within 5 minutes of each other. When they arrest a man Lenox is certain they have arrested the wrong man but he can´t look into it seriously because he is suddenly whisked off to Stirrington to campaign for a seat for Parliament. He was planning to run after the current seat holder retired but when he suddenly passes away Lenox only has a few weeks to campaign. A lot is going on in London and he yearns to be back but he has to do his best to convince the people of Stirrington that he would look out for their bests interests.


At some point while reading the last couple books I started picturing Lenox in my mind as Mr. Magoo and I can just picture him bumbling around with his eyes clamped shut but somehow figuring out everything.



The part about him campaigning was really boring and lost my interest.  Then, when it is over and.... 

Lenox lost he heads home to look into the murders.  The police chief had been shot and killed and Lenox wants to figure out who killed him and if or how that is connected to the other murders.  I find it odd that while this police chief was considered a blundering idiot in the other book he is suddenly a good and respected man.  So Lenox finally figures out that the man (well respected and wealthy George Barnard) from the first book where his maid was killed is the one responsible for killing the police chief but can´t quite figure out how that relates to the other murders.  Lenox goes to bed mulling over everything he has learned and his big brain finally puts the pieces in place and he wakes up knowing all the answers.  He suddenly knows that this dude is going to clean out the mint that night and Lenox has to stop him.  So he jumps up and gets dressed and goes to break into the mint himself.  I especially love the part where he is wondering if he would have to break the window in the door to get in but realizes the lock is old fashioned as easy to pick.  FACEPALM  It´s the freaking MINT!  Inside there is only one crooked guard and he is helping the other dude robe the place.  Bad dude could have just called the police and said Lenox was robbing the mint since he broke in but no........  the police come and they chase down the robbers and arrest the guy and all is well in London again.

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