Guys, I´m having so much fun over here!


I've somehow gotten my sleeping schedule so screwed up that I wake up around 6 PM.  Last night my husband was so annoyed that I didn´t want to eat the taco´s he made for dinner.  I just woke up!  It was time for breakfast not dinner. There are just a few odd things that I will eat cold for breakfast like left over pizza or fried chicken. Not tacos.  I did, of course, have tacos later when I was ready for dinner (just before he left for work in the morning).  I can´t help my weirdness.  


I've been reading a lot lately and when I don´t go to sleep at the usual time (not sure when that is anymore) I get a second wind and just keep reading.  Sometimes when I am dog tired I still can´t sleep even if I do go to bed because I can´t shut off my brain.  Story Ghosts from books past haunt me and make it impossible to sleep.  And then there are the books I haven't read and I want to ponder their potential goodness.  Please tell me I'm not the only person who has this problem!  


Anyway, I also have some health problems and when the weather does funky stuff I sometimes have flare ups and end up sleeping longer than usual or not being able to sleep because of pain.  So add that to the Story Ghosts of books past and you end up with sleep yo-yos. 


The last two days I've had this nasty headache too. I´m pretty sure they are caused by my youngest son but so far nothing has helped.  Well, the OTC meds I have haven´t helped but I think smacking him might.  He is pretty big though and might smack back so I probably won´t try that.  


What to do.... what to do...... 

Oh, hey, a just got a new book in the mail!  I think I´ll go read.