All is not well in fishy haven.  It is a sad day and the castle flags have been lowered.  


I noticed someone was missing and put out an amber alert tank wide.  Fish 1 of 6 in my Emerald Barb hoard was MIA.  I knew he was having some swim bladder problems but put up the crime scene tape just in case there was anything fishy going on.  The forensic team found no fin prints or blood and the search snails have turned up nothing.  Without a body we couldn't be sure he was alive or dead or if a crime had even been committed.  Some people and fish think he simply jumped tank, which is suicide but his mother swore he would never do that to her. The castle was thoroughly searched even though Raymond the pleco and his castle mate Waldo the upside-down catfish were very upset about it.  We had to get a warrant.  Unfortunately, we found no trace of 1 of 6 and time was running out if he was still alive and being held more captive than he was before.  We did find a napkin covered in BBQ sauce buried behind the castle but couldn't prove it belonged to Raymond.  The lab is testing it for DNA now to see if any trace of 1 of 6 could be found on the napkin. 


I was sure Raymond was guilty of cannibalism but he said 1 of 6 was a friend and swore he would never eat a friend.  Guppies yes, but not friends.  Then, one of my team noticed a man hole cover out of place.  Actually, it was the cover to the filter intake.  We checked the filter but we found nothing but gunk inside.  In the process of cleaning that up we noticed the cover was heavier than it should be and something heavy rolled inside.  His wife covered her face with her fins. We looked in and found..... dun dun DUN!  A HEAD. 1 of 6 is definitely dead and at least 50% eaten.  Further investigation proved that 1 of 6 did die of natural causes.  We can´t prove, without a doubt, which fish ate part of the body or if there was a gang involved.  We will have to close this case but I will keep my eye on the rest of those fish, especially Raymond.  I also believe Waldo may have been involved but no one could find him to question him.  


RIP 1 of 6, you will be missed.