Tasks for Thanksgiving Day: List of 5 things you’re grateful for –OR–

Post a picture of your thanksgiving feast; or your favourite turkey-day recipe.  –OR–

Be thankful for yourself and treat yourself to a new book and post a picture of it.

Bonus task:  share your most hilarious turkey-day memory.


  1. I am thankful for:
  2. My wonderful family
  3. Friends
  4. A wonderful home
  5. My dog
  6. My books


Bonus Task: My most hilarious turkey-day memory.

I remember this one Thanksgiving when I was a kid where my sister called and told my mom about cooking turkey´s in a brown paper bag.  My sister is always trying to get people to try recipes.  The problem is my mom isn´t the best cook.  She usually cooked everything the same way, rolled in flour, salt, and pepper and then fried on the stove top.  Things were usually a degree of burnt which we were used to and learned to like.  So my sister talked my mom into trying this bag thing which might have worked out better if my mom had the full written out recipe instead of just the bits my sister told her.  I remember when my mom took the turkey out and sat it on the table.  It was very dark and several sizes smaller than it was originally (like the Grinch´s heart).  My mom took a knife and tried to cut it and it sounded like she was sawing on plastic.  Then she pushed a little harder and the top layer broke and inside it was hallow.  You could see rib bones laying in a dark turkey cave that we were shedding light on.  It is funny now but at the time my brother and I were scared to make a sound.  My mom was devastated but we knew my dad was going to erupt and complain about the wasted money.  I can still see my little brothers face and I´m sure mine looked the same.  


So does this count as 2 points?