Tasks for Bodhi Day:  Perform a random act of kindness.  Feed the birds, adopt a pet, hold the door open for someone with a smile, or stop to pet a dog (that you know to be friendly); cull your books and donate them to a charity, etc. (And, in a complete break with the Buddha’s teachings, tell us about it.)  –OR–

Post a picture of your pet, your garden, or your favourite, most peaceful place in the world.


Okay, I did this a few days ago.  I make blankets and things to donate to the hospital/ER.  They always have people come in there with sick children but no warm clothes for them.  I crochet, knit or sew blankets, hats and other warm stuff.  I just sent over enough children´s blankets and hats to fill two kitchen trash bags.  


I used to run a Project Linus Chapter here but I couldn´t keep up with my health problems and didn´t have enough volunteers to keep up with their quota.  I´ve had several years off from that now and I miss it but no one would take over the Chapter so there isn´t one here.  I just decided to do my own thing.  I have a whole bunch of fleece still that I bought to make Project Linus blankets but now I´m going to make blankets for all ages and send them anonymously.  I can also make whatever I want and how I want since I no longer have all the rules to follow.  I can make lap blankets for the people in the nursing home, tiny blankets and hats for the NICU and whatever is needed at the ER.  I made up an anonymous email address and had a stamp made so the nurses can send me requests.  They know better than anyone what is needed.  I am using the name of a fairy godmother on the email addy.  I just have to be sneaky so they don´t figure out who I am.  I love being sneaky.  


I also got a smaller tree this year so it won´t be so hard for me to decorate it. I cut my decorations in half and donated 2 large boxes full.  They are coming back on Tuesday for used clothing, toys and household items.  I´m going through my garage.  I can´t believe I still had toys in my garage from when my kids were really little.  I had a ton of those large lego blocks for toddlers.  I´m also donating a huge box of books that were in decent shape.  


I wanted to post a picture of my doggie but he´s too fast and they were all blurry or he gets too close and I can´t get a picture.  Maybe I´ll get one later when he´s sleeping.


Okay, stand back.  In 3 seconds this post will self destruct.  Don´t tell my secrets or I´ll have to kill you.