I just had the most confusing conversation with my son.  Have you ever said something but it didn´t come out exactly like what you were thinking?  I bought both of my son´s robes for Christmas and stuck hooks on the back of their bedroom doors and the bathroom door.  My goal is to stop streaking in public spaces.  That is mainly an issue with my younger son though.  He sleeps in the buff and sleep walks.  So when I can´t sleep and I´m sitting on the couch at 2 am knitting or reading I sometimes see shocking things.  We have had a convo about this though so hopefully it won´t happen again.  uh hem.  So, I was talking to the older son and told him to get his new robe and hang it on his closet door.  I have no idea why said ¨closet door¨ since I meant his bedroom door where I placed the hook.  He thought I said to hang it on the closet door knob and he gets really serious thinking about that.  He said, I don´t think I´ll hang it on the closet door knob because it is long and it will be on the floor.  I, not realizing I misspoke got frustrated because he wasn´t going to do what I wanted.  My hackles went up and I started to insist he hang the robe up.  His eyebrows are knitted together and his nose is twisted into a corkscrew.  He finally holds up his hand hip high and says, ¨my closet door knob is this high off the ground and my robe is this long (he holds his hand up to his neck). 


Oh..........  yeah, that isn´t what I meant.  I have no idea why I was saying closet door.  There are new hooks on the back of their bedroom doors at the right height to hang their new robes.  Now, there shall be no more full moons in the hall.  I guess I better tell my husband that too.