I had a great new years eve - NOT!  I got so sick and was stuck in the bathroom and I don´t even drink.  My son has been sick with a stomach bug and I guess I got it.  He works at Walmart so he gets everything.  I really hope I am not sick as long as he has been.  


I really wanted to get my total reads up to 80 so I had a stack in my room to read but I didn´t get very far with all the toilet runs (pun intended).  


My goal for this year is pretty simple.  I am going to continue what I was doing last year and beat my book total of 75. In 2017 I started working on reading books I already had and passing them on to make room for the books I have on my shelves.  I made pretty good progress but I also acquired some more books and won a couple giveaways.  In December I did cull a bunch of books to donate so that helps some.  This year I am going read at least 40 physical books I already had at the start of the year and pass them on.


I hope everyone has a great new year and many new exciting things happen.  I hope the bad things are few a far between and don´t slow us down too much.  



Celtic New Year