The Silver Suitcase - Terrie Todd Wetle

This is such a touching story. I will be looking for more from this author. I especially loved the ending. The whole thing is well thought out.

Sometimes when you are going through hard times it helps to read about someone else that is going through harder times and still keeping their head up through it. Cornelia lost her mother on her 12th birthday and she hates God for taking her away. She keeps that inside though and doesn´t tell anyone. She just keeps writing in her dairy. When she is older a young man named Henry from the city comes to spend the summer with some family and help on their farm. Henry and Cornelia fall in love and everything seemed perfect until Henry decides to join the military. Cornelia is heart broken when he is killed in an accident before he even makes it to the war. Things get even worse for her but something unexpected happens and changes her perspective and that helped her through the toughest and loneliest times. This story has a ripple effect and Cornelia´s legacy affects many others, including me.