What Matters Most - Cynthia Victor

I decided to finally read this book so I can lay it to rest.  It is in sad shape.  


Does anyone use the website www.paperbackswap.com? I have used it for years and love it.  I participate in a group there where every month they pick a book that has been languishing on their TBR list and read it and then post their star rating and review.  At the end someone else from the group can request a book from the list of reviewed books.  If a book is unpostable because of damage or whatever, according to the rules of the website, then we just write that it is unpostable and for what reasons and the other people can decide for themselves if they want it anyway.  Some people will send those books for free.  


I participated in that group for most of last year and moved a lot of books off of my TBR list and some of them I ended up loving. I also acquired a few good books too but I´ve been trying to make room on my shelves so I didn´t request many.  


This particular book is falling apart as I speak so I´m sure no one will want it but it looks interesting.  I´m just having a hard time getting the last book out of my head.