I´ve been trying to learn Spanish on my own for a couple years now and haven´t gotten very far.  I do know some basic stuff that is a little useful but not enough to say much or have a conversation.  I got this thing in the mail before I went on my trip to California and just happened to pick it up just before the sale was over.  I ordered a Beginning Spanish course and I´m already very happy with it.  I haven´t received the DVD or the book in the mail yet but I can access the material online.  I finished the first lesson and feel pretty good about it.  I´m going to practice that lesson more for a few days and see if I can keep more of it in my head without leaks.  I may need some corks.


Anyway, if anyone cares I ordered it through The great courses.  There are many other classes but I honed right in on what I wanted.  It is taught by an actual professor dude from the University of Alabama.  I looked him up and found him on their website.  Can you tell I´m a skeptic?  


One thing I was always frustrated with when trying to learn with other apps, sites and misc other things was organization of the material.  I have learned a lot with Duolingo but they throw verbs out but don´t really teach how to know which form to use well.  I wanted a book that laid out which to use is a chart.  I learn best from books.  Go figure.  


This course teaches using video, audio, and a book.  The dude is very easy to follow and doesn´t talk to fast.  I listened to the audio portion which had the vocabulary words and practice phrases etc.  There were a few things I didn´t get but the book helped with that.  Now I hope to be able to understand all of it when I listen again.  


There was another app that I was using that was teaching greetings and responses.  It went through the conversation way too fast for me and I was so confused.  After just doing the first lesson of this I understand it so much better.  


I sound like an infomercial.  I am not just a student, I´m also not the president.