1st to Die (Women's Murder Club, #1) - James Patterson
Lindsay is an inspector for the San Francisco Police Department. She gets hit with world shattering news about her health the same day she meets Chris Raleigh, who has been assigned to work with her on a potentially messy case. He works for the mayor and his job is to keep things neat and contained as much as possible while also helping with the case. They are trying to catch a killer who murders newly weds. Cindy, a reporter for the Chronicle who is trying to get a scoop on the case somehow manages to get up to the floor of the hotel where the first murders were committed. She gets a peek at the groom on the floor by the door before she is found and hauled out. Later, Cindy sees Lindsay go into the ladies room in an emotional mess and follows her. She didn´t just push for details though, she was kind. She is smart and a good reporter but also seems to be human and possibly a good friend. Later when they meet again where another newly married couple have been reported missing Lindsay decides to make a deal with Cindy to keep things under control. They end up becoming friends in the process. Lindsay, who is dealing with this new shock about her health decides she has to solve this case and decides to ask some female friends for help. She and three other women who have also clawed their way to the top in their respected fields decide to put their heads together and work on the case independently. They meet regularly to discuss the details of the case while Lindsay and her partner track down more leads officially. It was the start of the Women´s Murder Club.
This book was interesting enough but I did think some things were kinda dumb, like the name of the club.  I also find it very unlikely that a reporter, cop, and DA would be willing to work together on a case.  I also got REALLY sick of the name Lindsay.  Some things I saw coming but not every detail.  I liked this book but in a cozy-mystery kind of way and not like a thriller.