Beading Basics - Carole Rodgers

I'm learning from the book Beading Basics by Carole Rodgers which is definitely only for very new beginners.  


This is called Open Daisy which doesn't make any since to me.  It is the flowers with a space of straight beads in between them.  It looked dumb so I added leaves.  This is made with Czech polished glass seed beads.  It is still not something I intend to wear.  I wish I had made it smaller so I could gift it to a little kid.  



This is made with cheap plastic beads from Joann's but I love it.  This is not a good picture because it was dark when I took it.  It looks vintage and I plan to redo this idea with better beads that will give it a better weight.  The flowers close together are called "closed daisy" and the others with the spaces between are "Open daisy."  This I have worn and I love that it can be worn multiple ways.  You can put the section of smaller flowers at the bottom which is the best or you can put it behind your neck so you just see the spaced flowers.  Also, you can wear it asymmetrically, which is trend right now I guess.  I tend to go against the grain though. 




This is a small section of "double daisy" where two beads from the last flower and two from the next are woven together.  I was sick of daisies though so I never made this into anything.  i


This is woven on a loom.  My younger son picked out the colors for it since I couldn't make up my mind.  All the clasps I bought were way too big for this so I had to make something up.  I am just getting started so I have a very limited supply of beads and ended up having to improvise with this.  That i why the one end looks like a snowman.  The loop I made tightened up and couldn't fit the bead I planned to use and the silver bead had a huge hole so had to sandwich it between the snowballs.  It's a learning experience for sure.  



This is made using the ladder stitch.  I tried to keep the beads tight together but it ended up slipping so that is why it has spaces.  This is also a dark picture.  It does have black beads but the long beads are blue.  



This is a Spiral Rope.  I made it to wear with the one above.  



I'm working on the Lacy Spiral now so I'll post a picture when it is finished.