Too Good to be True - Buddy & Eliot Daniel Kaye

I love Ann Cleeves´ stories, especially the Shetland Island series. This Quick Reads book is a short book with most simplistic writing like a chapter book meant for kids. I liked the story but missed the writing I´m used to in the regular novels by Ann Cleeves. I do think older Elementary kids would like this book. The book mentions a murder but there are no gruesome details or any mention of sex. 

Perez receives a call from his ex-wife Sarah. She said a young school teacher had died of an apparent suicide but the rumors of the small village are ruining their lives. Her husband is a doctor and the villagers are saying he and the school teacher were lovers. He is losing patients over it and Sarah wants Perez to look into the matter but she doesn´t want her husband to know about it. Perez agrees but says he will only stay for 2 days. It doesn´t take long before he begins to doubt that the death was a suicide.