The Valise In The Attic - Jan Fields

This story was certainly more action-packed than the others. It just was a little too far-fetched for me. 

Everyone is excited when the Mayor tells the people of Stony Point that a movie crew is coming and is looking for some extras. Alice begs Annie to go even though Annie would rather stay toasty warm inside. The set director said they needed some small older suitcases for some scenes and asked people to check their attics. Annie found a few that passed muster with the director. After the first day was abruptly cut short and Annie was heading to her car a strange man attacked her and tried to take it from her. He ended up falling on the ice and losing the case just before taking off. Annie was confused because the suitcase was empty. Why would someone try to steal an empty valise? She thought it was just a mix-up but crazy things kept happening to both her and her best friend Alice.