Sam's Letters to Jennifer - James Patterson

Still reeling from the recent loss of her husband, Jennifer is trying to focus on writing her column before the deadline when she gets a phone call.  Father John Farley tells her that her grandmother has fallen and is in a coma.  She rushed to Lake Geneva to see Sam who cannot speak to her.  When she went in to her grandmother's house that first time she noticed stacks of letters with her name written on them.  They were numbered and she started with the first one.  She had wanted her grandmother to tell her her story and this was the way she decided to do it.  While staying at her grandmother's house she hers a loud scream and looks out to see a man run down the dock and dive into the water, completely naked.  She ignored him and continued to read the letters but later he came to her door to reintroduce himself.  He is someone Jennifer knew as a child when she spent summers with her grandmother.  She tried to keep him at a distance and work on her column but he kept coming back.  As she read the letters, she learns some shocking things she never knew about her grandmother and grandfather and has to resist the urge to read them all at once.  Her grandmother asked her to read them a few at a time.  The man came again the next morning and dove in the lake but this time he wasn't naked.  He eventually grew on her and she ended up telling him about her husband and how he died.  Eventually he told her his story and she was shocked.  She ended up spending more and more time with him while also visiting her grandmother every day and hoping she would wake up.