The Stolen Canvas - Marlene Chase

I had to fly to Anchorage Friday, which is only about a 50 minute flight, for a doctor appointment.  I was really achy so I decided to take this book to read since I knew it would be light reading.  I  guess no one else on here has read it since I had to add it to the system.  


This story was pretty slow and not as interesting as others in the series. Tara is at her mother's apartment to gather anything she wanted before they throw out her things. Her mother has passed away and Tara is sad because she never knew her. Her mother was always distant. She finds some letters from an elderly lady in Stony Point that had been writing to her mother. When her boyfriend sees the letters her gets an idea for a way to make some money. He is originally from Stony Point and he remembers that lady named Mrs. Holden in the fancy big house. He and his brother used to do odd jobs for her to earn money.  He decided Tara will go to the house and befriend the women so they can steal some of the cross stitches the woman was famous for that are now fetching a lot of money at auction.  Tara finds that Mrs. Holden has passed away and her granddaughter, Annie Dawson, is living in the house. Tara had agreed to go along with her boyfriends plan but when she meets Annie and the other ladies at the Hook & Needle club, she doesn't want to go through with it anymore. She really just wants to learn more about her mother and hopes someone there will be someone that remembers her.