Deadline - Professor John H Dunning

This story got my attention very early on and kept it the whole way through. It was a good story. I really like the way it sounded like an old detective novel only it is about a journalist. Walker is just starting work at the Tribune in New York but before he gets there he happens to see a fire and hears people screaming at a small carnival. A circus tent was on fire, the fabric going up like paper. He went to help and a fireman asked for his help carrying a small body out on a stretcher. It was the body of a young girl and seeing her young form affected him deeply. Later, as the number of deaths increased, he kept tabs on the story and was surprised to learn that no one ever came to claim the young girl's body. He had been given another story to work on but he wasn't interested. He began trying to figure out the identity of that little girl who was eventually buried in a pauper's grave by the coroner. He knew there must be a big story there and there was. It was so big in fact, that finding out might cost his life.