A Man of His Word - Karen Kelly

I liked this story but it was slow moving. I liked the historical aspect to the story but also had questions. William, the judge, had made notations in his bible in Latin during a case long ago and when it was found in the attic Annie began trying to figure out what they meant. She discovered the link to the court case and with the help of some friends was able to find the meaning of the words and numbers. I just wonder what the purpose of those notes was. Did he make the notes with the hope that someone would figure them out or was he just making them for himself? What was the purpose of using Latin and Roman numerals? I don't think things are very cryptic and anyone could have looked up the meaning of them. Some of the details, like the identity of the woman on the receipts and who the wife of Ron really was, were not a surprise to me. I wish the ended had included some kind of official remedy to the situation to at least clear the family name. Maybe that was hinted at but it would have been better to include something like that than all the awkward stuff about having to show ID, fill out forms, and check purses at the Historical Research Center.