All Through the Night - Mary Higgins Clark

This is another book I've been meaning to read for ages so I can move it on.  I'm happy to move it on because it wasn't very good.  It was pretty flat without a lot of depth to the characters.  Also, the wrap ups for the mysteries was too quick and not very satisfying to me.  It was like, "okay, that's over, next thing..."  So this is a great book if you aren't expecting much.  This is definitely a "Cozy Mystery."  


This was a quick read and perfect for Christmas. Once again Alvirah helps her friends and solves not one but three mysteries. A friend had passed away and her home was to be left to her sister. She sister had decided to donate the home to a charity who runs a thrift store and place for children with no place to go after school. Kate, the sister, was going to live in the apartment upstairs where they currently had a couple renting. Alvirah was suspicious of them right away when at the funeral they acted like family. Later, they surprised Kate with a new will from her sister Bessie saying she was leaving her house to the couple and Kate would be allowed to stay in the apartment upstairs. This meant the children would no longer have a safe place to go after school because the building it was currently in was too old and deemed unsafe by the city. Alvirah was sure the will was a fake and was determined to figure out how they did it.