Greygallows - Barbara Michaels

A young heiress who's family died in an accident when she was young is being raised at a school to develop into a proper lady until she is of age to be married. She knows no one outside of school except an aunt that doesn't seem to care for her and the lawyer handing her funds. She knew there was enough money for things but she didn't know she was exactly wealthy because no one informed of anything. Women had no control over their property and the lawyer handled her funds until it could be transferred to her husband. After her schooling was complete her aunt came to pick her up to get her prepared for meeting suitors. She soon found her aunt was a hateful woman who did not care about her at all. She also found the Lawyer, who always seemed nice, really didn't care either. Her aunt was setting her up to marry a man she'd been warned about by a old school friend. She was told about about a family curse where all the wives died in childbirth, including his own mother. She was afraid of him but she had no choice but to go and soon found herself in a creepy mansion called Greygallows with no one to talk to but the servants and a few other people. There she was told of dark legends and the White Lady, a ghost which is only seen by the women who soon die. Her husband becomes violent at times and she has no way out, no one or no where to run to.




I thought this book seemed familiar to me and I think it is actually the first BM's book I read.  I don't usually keep books after reading them and if I do they get moved to my permanent library shelves so it must have been a long time ago.  When I read part 1 is was totally new to me so it wasn't until I got to the gloomier section that I started remembering details.  I didn't remember that much though and I kept getting mixed up between other books she's written with similar details.  It was pretty good though after the first part.